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Regional Links: Porcupine Mountains

At nearly 60,000 acres, the Porcupine Mountains (or "The Porkies" as they are affectionately known) provide scenic beauty and true wilderness adventure along the shores of Lake Superior. Featuring Lake of the Clouds and the scenic Presque Isle River, the Porkies are unique in the Midwest. Although many of the prominent sights in the Porkies are accessible for all, backcountry adventure is just a hike away.

CLT member David Marut can tell you all about what you might be able to see when you get off the beaten track in the Porkies. In the midst of a harrowing struggle through the forest and across incomplete trails in the Ehlco Bike Trail System, Marut crossed paths with a panorama of scenic beauty--and an adult mountain lion. Almost made the 11 hour trek out of the Porkies worth it.

Porcupine Mountains State Wilderness
Lake of the Clouds
By: Mary Dettloff (