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The Savanah and CLT

One basic manifestation of what I called biophilia is a preference for certain environments as places for habitation. In a pioneering study of the subject, George Orians, a zoologist at the University of Washington, diagnosed the “ideal” habitat most people choose if given a free choice: they wish their home to perch atop a prominence, placed close to a lake, ocean or other body of water, and surrounded by a park-like terrain. The trees they most want to see from their homes have spreading crowns, with numerous branches projecting from the trunk close to and horizontal with the ground, and furnished profusely with small or finely divided leaves. It happens this archetype fits a tropical savannah of the kind prevailing in Africa, where humanity evolved for several millions of years. . . .
Is it just a coincidence, this similarity between ancient human beings and their modern habitat preference?

E.O. Wilson, Naturalist