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From Camp Cuddlebug, to the beach, and finally to pitching one last tent inside the cabin, camping led to some of the best of times at CLT.

Thanks to the Showerhead, the CLT4 had plenty of room to set up in the early days of CLT. With the arrival of Thrashy, we suddenly had a giant yard with which to work. Then in the summer of 2004 the gang moved to the beach where amenities gradually improved (the Charmglow, a screened-in porch, the Packers Tent) and many beautiful nights were spent under the stars with the riffles cascading like music. We used the aquifer for a refrigerator and the Cisco as our bathtub. Red, White and Poo served us well near the end. And when that first tent zipper was unzipped, each morning was like a miracle.


camping photo archive


tent in cabin.jpeg
tent on beach.jpeg
beach camping.jpeg
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